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The Whitefox Den #1

Hey everyone, thanks for stopping by our new blog page. We’re very excited to be sharing all our new updates. On here we’ll be posting weekly to discuss items similar to what is featured on our YouTube videos and podcasts.

Here’s some of the stuff to look forward to:


Included on the new Whitefox website is a custom shop that will offer a large selection of guitar and bass tones, drum samples, useful sounds and noises, and much more. Everything offered in this shop is mix-ready and provides great starting points for producers looking to alter the sounds themselves.

Whitefox Recording find inspiration from all styles of music whle creating these tones – take a listen.


Along with our new shop, you can also look forward to weekly posts from our YouTube Channel. On our channel, we’ll fill you in on different relevant music production topics. We will discuss plug-in reviews, Pro Tools tutorials, mixing tops, and other useful topics. If you have any mixing/production questions you think we can answer, leave us a reply at the bottom of this post!


Our last new feature includes a monthly podcast show, The Whitefox Den. On the show, we’ll have a bunch of different discussions about music, being in a band, gear maintenance, artist spotlights, and much more! We of course love to hear feedback from everyone, so feel free to leave a reply with what you’d like to hear us talk about.

Thanks for the support and we hope you’re as excited as us for these new additions.

2016 is going to rock!

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