Full Day Session Services

Full Day Session

Give yourself enough time to lay down everything and hash out all of your ideas. Full-day sessions include eight hours total of tracking and editing.

Tracking Services


When you book time at Whitefox Recording you have access to any and all engineers, as well as all of our gear. Tracking includes editing and any pitch corrections that you’d like.

Mixing Services


This is the process of manipulating the audio’s dynamics, levels, frequencies, and spatial positioning to create a well-balanced and sonically pleasing song. With over 15 years of experience, we have the knowledge and equipment needed to make your next mix sound amazing.

Mastering Services


Mastering is more than just an audio process; it encompasses all aspects of finalizing your project for consumption. Whether it is a single release or a full album, Whitefox Recording has the expertise to master your project and restore your classic vinyl records.

Production Services


We offer production services to artists, commercial clients, and anyone in between. Whether it is a backing track for a song, music behind an advertisement or film, or sound effects for video games, we have the ability to bring your vision to life.

Voice Over / Podcast Services

Voice Over / Podcast

Take your next voice-over, YouTube, or podcast session to Whitefox Recording for the iconic sound that everyone is looking for. We have a wide range of microphone options to fit your voice perfectly for the highest quality recording.