Studio tracking is charged on an hourly basis. Hourly is often chosen by artists who need a way to get musical ideas out of their heads or those who have a preferred mixing or mastering engineer outside of Whitefox Recording.


Tracking and Editing


Our daily studio rate includes tracking and editing. Most artists prefer this option because it provides the most savings and a fll day of recording is often needed when hashing out new ideas.


Tracking and Editing


Pricing for full projects such as demos, EP’s, and albums is determined case by case – Send us an email and we can discuss your project needs.

Pricing for mastering and mixing is listed below.

$25 / song


$100 / song




Recorded a three-song EP with Cavin, and the quality is phenomenal! He’s a fantastic producer, and super easy to work with as well. He really took our work to a whole new level. I’ll definitely be using Whitefox again, and I cannot recommend this place enough!


Jeff at Whitefox is an amazing producer! My band recorded with him and he really took our track to another level. He’s also really great at helping with vocal arrangements, melodies, and harmonies. If you’re looking for an affordable and high quality recording option in the Richmond area, Whitefox is the place to go!


My band has recorded with Cavin on our past two eps and we couldn’t be happier with result. The sound is awesome, the price is fair, and it’s definitely the smoothest recording process I’ve ever been through


Jeff tracked drums for me for one of my projects. He was easy to work with and understood my needs. Fantastic quality, too.